The Seventh-day Adventists, in general, and the Cape Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, in particular, continue to be saddened by the case of sexual abuse that took place in the George area, South Africa in 2016.   The South African courts have already pronounced on the case; however the two families and the local church are still grappling with the after effects of the whole incident. We would like to appeal to our members, especially those in and around George to exercise extreme caution and consideration in the comments they make regarding this particular matter on all platforms, including social media. And we would like to express categorically that unless the expressed sentiments on this matter are by the official current leadership of the Cape Conference and/or on its official communication platforms, they do not reflect the views held by the Church, and as such are strongly discouraged and we distance ourselves from such. Our Christian duty includes continuing to pray for the victim and her family for complete healing. It is also part of our duty to pray for the perpetrator for effective rehabilitation and also for his immediate family that also continues to be affected by this development. The local church and its leadership need wisdom and support in ministering to all the affected parties, they too need our prayers.




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