The history of The Cape Conference.


The Cape Conference, as we currently have it, is the product of a long, prayerful and hard process that has been made possible by the countless men and women of God who shared the dream of a unified Church of God, no longer separated along racial lines, as had been the case in the past.

The Cape Conference is the product of the amalgamation and combining of three conferences. There three conferences were Southern Hope, which took care of the black constituency; Good Hope, which took care of the coloured constituency; and the old Cape Conference, which took care of the white constituency. This process saw its first success in 1997 when then Southern Hope Conference merged with the then Good Hope Conference to form Southern Hope Conference.

In 1996, the Southern Hope Conference, under the leadership of Dr. OT Mngqibisa (President), Pr. EC le Roux (Executive Secretary) and Pr. WM Nciya (Treasurer); formally merged with the old Cape Conference, under the leadership of Pr. Darrel le Roux (President) and Mr. C Glass (Secretary/ Treasurer); to form the current Cape Conference.

The inaugural leadership of the Cape Conference was Pr. LM Mbaza (President), Pr. EC le Roux (who tragically passed away in a car accident) and was succeeded by SJ Zinn (Secretary), and Mr. C Glass (Treasurer).